Old Ways

September 4, 2018

I usually see them whenever I take this route walking to or from the office. What happens is lolo, clutching lola’s bag, talks to his wife, gestures some things I can only imagine from afar, then hails a cab when he sees one, as if clearly indicating that despite the advent of newer methods of transportation, tradition isn’t lost on them, hinting they’ll do this over and over regardless how backward they may be sentenced by society. When a cab finally pulls over, lolo opens the door, reaches for lola’s hand, and guides her in. He steps in, closes the door, and they pull away.

Every time, I stay to see the cab drive away. Every time, I let the brevity of the moment expand my heart. Because that’s what you do when you encounter something beautiful: you make sure to see it through to the end and allow it to move you in more ways than one.


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