An Unsent Letter

September 27, 2013

Just like ordinary people, you have been trapped in inescapable realities, which beget thoughts that limit a world wide as a wandering mind. But this is just fine (I speak for myself). Not that I delight in your confinement. You see, it makes me feel my worth every time you shy away from those thoughts and helplessly turn to me for freedom. And I comfort you with my words: I can freeze your fears. I can warm your hopes. And you believe in everything I say—lies, truths, we can no longer tell for the mouth is limited unlike the heart. And in your trust I become the worst liar, the best lover, the sincerest teller of I love yous that consume and consummate you. And at times, when I become unreasonable, telling you that the foliage of trees is purple and you’re just colorblind when you see it green, your trust justifies my madness. I will remain the way you want me to. I promise.

(Written back in college)


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