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My Fiend of Misery

October 20, 2012

Too deep agonizing over that deja vu no longer excites you. Hello, Misery. Today is the day you lost what you’ve been meaning to hide.



October 19, 2012

There will come a time when you’ll miss spending Saturdays in the mall, wearing your oversized clothes, hanging out with a bunch of friends and eventually finding yourselves eating at McDo, thinking you’re all grown up now paying for your own upsized burger meal while you pass time waiting for your turn to watch a movie everyone’s been talking about, which, after years and years, you’d revisit because no matter how stupid that film may be, you’d always find a piece of yourself connected to it—there you are, enjoying your popcorn, mindful of nothing but that scheduled long quiz on Monday.

Four Vignettes

October 16, 2012


Good food, a haircut maybe, a pat on the back. Perhaps a new shirt. A fuckin’ new shirt. Or a tattoo. Of your name on a hippo’s butt.


Sunday snoozefest for someone special.


Shroud me in serenity, under worn sheets and ghost stars.


When you’re at the brink of saying goodbye, it’s the memories that deliver the most lethal push.


October 10, 2012

Yourself as a ghost that haunts you in the day, the shadow in someone else’s moon. Who was it that played a song so sepulchral? Who was is that choked on a lost promise, a wingless dream? You wake up. You always do. You always do what you shouldn’t.