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For an Angel

April 25, 2012

Oh little girl, I’m a concerned soul and I’m worried about you. Not only are you falling for a monster, you’re falling for one who’s ugly as voodoo. Not only on the outside, but, more importantly, on the inside too. And don’t tell me I don’t understand since the ages I hold in my hand can speak vividly of the beautiful things your heart has yet to see.



April 17, 2012

It’s not every day you see me combing my hair to lizard-slipping sleekness.

That awkward moment

April 11, 2012

When an angered heart is weighed down by an anvil of guilt.

I want to wake up again

April 10, 2012

I want to wake up again in this room where anxiety gets stuck in your midnight cloud of a dream, the moon exposing the white curve of your shoulder, a tomb where I as gravedigger have buried a thousand kisses. This is where your lips become the rose boat to carry me to wakefulness after I taste them. Somewhere in your sleep you’ll find me hanging by the edge of the sharpest star to cut the ill intentions of tonight, whispering a secret not even this madness, regardless of its vastness, can hide.