Heed the Call

March 5, 2012

Disservice was the word that flashed in my mind when I spotted this book atop the shelf of this once-posh bookstore.

It’s what I’d end up doing if I skip purchasing it for the fear that it might end up like the many other books and glossies I’ve stacked in a box in my room, all of which are waiting to be taken out so their pages, perhaps now all crisp and sallow, may feel even the slightest touch of light—be it of the sun, the moon, or the fluorescent light that tirelessly hangs above my head. The pages, they want to be read too.

Disservice most especially since I was able to finish reading “Heavier Than Heaven,” an almost 400-page biography of Kurt Cobain—and I’m actually a bigger fan of that long-haired dude always nearest the backdrop of every Nirvana stage.

I’m not really a voracious reader. Heck! I’m not a reader, period. And this reminds me of a certain essay I’ve skimmed online, one which was written by Filipino writing demigod Lourd de Veyra, that states “never trust anyone who says she writes poems and shorts stories but ‘doesn’t really, like, read books.’”

Fuck it, man. I write poems (or maybe they’re just sorry attempts at poetry? You decide: CLICK HERE) but, like I said, I don’t really, like, read books. And magazines. And lengthy blog posts. And…fuck it, you get the picture.

Maybe you shouldn’t trust me. Lourd is way cooler than I am so you SHOULD trust him. One question, though: Has anybody noticed Lourd used “she” in his piece, and it’s a (fan)boy jabbering here? Ting! Light bulb moment.

Anyway, that’s part of MY story, which isn’t what you should be reading right now. This post is about the story of someone else. Someone way cooler than me or Lourd. Someone more lovable than Courtney Love. Someone who did rock anything and everything but disservice.

The Grunge Ringo calls you. Go heed the call.


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