February 7, 2012

Too bad, I, together with almost half of our group (Backpackers United), which consisted of nearly 50 people, wasn’t able to reach Mount Pulag‘s summit. The night before our climb to the top, the weather went crazy—the winds howled and the rain poured; our tents, which got drenched on the inside, barely survived the beating. And so we decided to stay put as the skies still loomed dark and heavy when the brave bunch hiked on at three in the morning.

The shot above was taken while breaking camp, on the camp site, an hour’s hike from the summit, at around 7 a.m. I was wearing seven layers of clothing—plus three pairs of gloves and two pairs of socks, my feet wrapped in garbage bag—but that wasn’t enough to block the piercing cold.

Now I’m back in Manila—with more warmth and less hair.


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