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The Birthday Boy and His Trail of Stars

November 8, 2011

During one of the most stressful days facing the computer in the rainy month of November, I shot Camz a YM message telling her I particularly want my birthday this year to be memorable.

We went on to push for whatever plans we could think of to accommodate my caprice. We had some good ideas; not really that grand but still interesting nonetheless. However, these arrangements would go down to dishearten me as my birthday neared. Plans of going on an out-of-town escapade with either friends or family were postponed, weekend session with the band, which I thought could double as a special alcohol-free bonding moment, was foiled, and, at the time of this writing, I’m still unsure if the Nirvana DVD I’ve been raring to own would finally be out in stores later.

And so I’ve given up on having a birthday for the books. I was receiving advance greetings and, for me, that was it. Too, there won’t be a flood of greetings on Facebook since I didn’t make my birthday public (those who will greet shall be the ones who remembered and, well, those who care after reading this).

But then maybe I was being hasty leaping to conclusions.

Hours before my birthday, I fell asleep watching House with Camz. Moments later, I was waking up to her coming through my room’s door carrying a platter of three cupcakes each topped with a small cutesy candle. Yes, my makeshift birthday cake. The next logical thing to do now would be to hand me my present. Turns out a little adventure is a prerequisite to that.

After taking a picture of me with her cupcake concoction, she handed me a note, which was, in fact, a clue just like what they use in The Amazing Race, a show I do not watch. And like in that show I do not watch, the clue led to another. And another. And another till I found myself following a trail of glow-in-the-dark stars (one of her note reads “When you get lost along the way, listen to what the blue STARS say”) all the way from our sala to the kitchen. It eventually led me to a small envelope taped on the mircrowave. Inside it was a coupon from a discount shopping site. She bought me my very own Paper Jamz toy drums, something she said I could use to draft drum parts I could lay out on actual songs. Ten points for the girl who truly values my passion.

The gift itself is pretty much awesome, but the procedure with which she informed me I was getting it is what strikes me more. Here’s a secret: Camz sucks at surprises. If there’s someone in this relationship good at sweeping the other off his or her feet sans the hints, that would be me. But this time, I’d give it to her. So give that girl 90 more points for catching me off guard, smiling no less, like a giddy seven-year-old boy celebrating his birthday.

In conclusion I say that despite the previous hang-ups, my 27th birthday was meant to be memorable. It was, after all, written in the stars.

*Written on 7 November 2011, at around 1 a.m.