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Target: Vox

October 27, 2011

I wanted to shoot Ely Buendia dead.

At least, that’s how it turned out after people misconstrued a tease I was trying to get across when I posted an entry on Pupil’s Yahoo! Group several years ago. You see, I had these portentous analogies about Ely and myself (one of which is that we both found dancing a worthwhile hobby before we fully got into bands) which I thought would be swell to share among Ely fanatics. I can’t precisely remember how I ended up stating a stupid joke about gunning down the country’s most beloved frontman but apparently, I did. Perhaps it has something to do with Mark Chapman and John Lennon. Or maybe I was trying too hard to make an impression. I can’t really recall. But, anyway…this misbehavior led to the scrutiny of fellow fans. The last thing I knew I was being booted from the group. I tried to clarify I was just jesting but my defense was to no avail. Neither offense nor blame was taken there. I guess fandom can sometimes take you to great heights of stupidity.

Yan ‘yun!
Before the mishap, I had a brief yet memorable experience as a member of the group. Prior to the infamous Ely post, I shared lyrics I’ve written with the other listers. I secretly hoped some of them would appreciate my work. Immature and self-important as I was back in college (maybe up to now, I still am), I even got close to expecting someone to point out how compelling my lyrics were and that my piece had great potential to become a full-blown song. I didn’t get that reaction from any member. Instead, I got it from one of the moderators.

Yan Yuzon, The Mongols’ then bassist and now guitarist for Pupil who, too, has a knack for fleshing out brilliant lyrics, replied to the thread and said, “Ayos ‘to! Gawin mong kanta tapos i-jam natin!” Or something to that effect. After reading, I felt myself bouncing off the walls of the room even if I was actually inside our university’s library, timidly smiling. I didn’t care if the man was being honest, modest, or sarcastic. That’s fuckin’ Yan Yuzon! I mean, c’mon, he could’ve just ignored the post. He took time to notice, then replied. And for me that was enough. Did I go and hug trees, kiss babies, and ace my quantum physics exam after that? I have a strange feeling I did.

Who cares about the fedora?
The second time I saw Pupil live was during their performance for a Sony event in Megamall. The band was at the lead of promoting their third album. I and my girlfriend arrived at the venue early so we were able to secure good seats. During the performance, we took a lot of pictures and danced in our heads to the tune of “disco-nnection no-tice” and the latest tracks from the foursome.

After the show, I got the chance to meet Wendell Garcia. The guy’s really accommodating, which came as a surprise since I thought he was the type who, for one, would pose for a photo and beam a half-baked smile, then leave the scene as if he wasn’t ever there.

So what did I get from him? A snapshot of us, yes, and a seemingly endless thanks for the support I have for the band. He also invited me to watch them again, which I did some days after, this time in TriNoma. Too, I got him to sign the night’s setlist, which I nicked from the stage after the smoke has cleared.

Wendell is known to wear a fedora hat most of the time. I was with some other fans when I met him and one of them asked if he could have the fedora Wendell was wearing. He smiled and courteously declined. He said he had to go (and he did since, as we’ve kept him long to pose for pictures and sign autographs, he’s been left behind by all other members of the Pupil crew, who have already gone to the quickest exit made available). “Maybe next time,” he said. “Maraming salamat uli sa inyo.” Then he walked away waving, his footsteps seemingly in sync with the beats of a fanboy’s heart racing, now slowing down as the icon disappears from sight—ah, a drummer who, even in his gait, has full understanding of timing!

What’s up, Dok?
I’m the guy who’s a sucker for shirts, especially band tees. Also, unless your comprehension is as dim as a jaundiced light bulb, you should know by now that I’m a huge fan of Pupil. To listen to their music is just as blissful as it is for a baby to suck on his pretty little thumb. Not really the best metaphor I can think of right now, but you get the point.

Now getting a Pupil band tee no less from one of the members of the band would definitely be an experience incapable of sucking. Like Aga Muhlach’s face incompetent of aging. Again, not the metaphor I was looking for but since I’m excited to get to the crux of the matter, I’ll let it pass.

Pupil bassist Dok Sergio, in case you didn’t know, is into printing T-shirts. Just recently, I had this random thought of scouring the Net for Pinoy band tees and I chanced upon a blog post of his which markets his self-designed Pupil shirts. They were easily available online. Problem, though, was that Dok’s entry was dated more than a year ago. It was a long shot but I took my chances.

I e-mailed him directly with little to no expectation of getting a reply, especially since I know for a fact that celebrities usually don’t have time to nurture an online presence. Hours later, I received an update in my e-mail coming from a certain Andrew Sergio that says:

“hi, i have an xs and small. last pieces.. if that’s your size, you can purchase through me..payment can be through bank, gcash, LBC. let me know…”

Missing piece
Apparently, Andrew was Dok’s real name. So much for the self-professed big fan, huh?

After shooting e-mails, we had some more exchanges. He gave me his cellphone number. Like Wendell, he was very accommodating. His messages even came with the occasional smileys. I asked questions, he answered. For a rock star, connecting with the hoi polloi is something. And, from that brief encounter, I can tell connecting with the hoi polloi is something Dok is good at.

Now I don’t know if he had a middleman doing all the transactions for him. I wouldn’t want to know. I’m resigned that it was Dok whom I communicated with and the story shall remain that way even in the recollection of my grandchildren.

So who’s the missing piece in this picture? The man I “wanted” to kill. Seriously, I still want to shoot Ely Buendia. The shooting, however, should entail a camera. With me standing/sitting beside him, doing the mano cornuto, the peace sign, or whatever pretentious gesture that shall suit my fancy. Classic fanboy-ism.

I’d confirm, too, if he’s really using Bench Fix for his hair.


First Outdoor Gig

October 18, 2011

Not your boy TOY

October 7, 2011

As a kid, I had quite a sizeable collection of WWF action figures. My most favorite was Shawn Michaels since I’m a fan. When the time came that I had to hand down my collection to a younger cousin, I intended to save Shawn for myself, but for some reason, wasn’t able to do so, a misdoing I resent until now. So when I chanced upon this cheap imitation of a more modern version of the toy, I knew I had to bag it. It’s the closest I can get to appeasing that lost opportunity.

(Yeah, now you know why I teared up a little after watching Toy Story 3.)