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The Most Challenging Game

December 15, 2010

There are instances wherein we are so into the games we play that when we fail to emerge as a victor, we take the failure hardly against ourselves. We blame whatever there is to blame to soothe the loss we feel. We have our egos bruised, our hearts broken, our souls crippled. This is a competition in itself. You can look at it in all levels especially since, as they say, life is a game—the simple child’s play, the high school quiz bee, the finals of a company sportsfest, the first heartbreak, the failed family, the death of a beloved—but the aftermath remains as bitter and wretched as it is as vivid and unbelievable. You have been in that situation, that am sure of. I have too. And for me, that is the game that posts the greatest call for triumph: that which occurs after a struggle, which happens within and sees you chasing lost chances, urging yourself to win even if, in fact, you have already lost something valuable and, in the process, may be bound to lose some more. Here, the game and the strategy are one and the same: you.