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Have you found your musical soulmate?

September 29, 2010


Just because I have this unannounced hallucination that somewhere, sometime there exists for one’s musicality a “soulmate.”

The story so far: I came across this certain lady pianist’s YouTube page. Since then, it became almost impossible for me to stop playing her videos—all three of them, with the most recent dated nine months ago. It struck me how, despite the dearth in music knowledge (the piano, specifically), I instantly connected with what and how she played. I watched how she performed her pieces with unmistakable nimbleness, admiring the way she pulled off each song with accuracy and elegance. And her tunes I partly researched and shamelessly pondered upon how I can complement with my drumming.

Needless to say, the encounter inspired me.

For one, to be a better “musician” myself. Which is, actually, just the tip of the iceberg since what’s more is this unexplainable force that as if pulls me over and over to her melodies and her means of making them. Something astral, stellar, ephemeral. Something possibly unchartable and unknowable. A vague shot of tranquility and harmony, if you will.

And before this compelling verve gets dismissed as but just a high-school crush thing, let us get the record straight: it is not; think of it as the comforting association you find in songs, poems, stories, paintings, etc., that for a moment—or long moments—you hold dear. It’s significantly the essence, not necessarily the medium.

The beauty of the experience lies in me not knowing the girl personally (music as universal language, anyone?) and, unlike those musicians I grew up listening to, who, too, I do not know personally, she has not breached the line to mainstream stardom: she is just an ordinary person, playing her instrument, uploading her videos on a public website. Just like many of us mooning musicians.

Just because this unannounced hallucination that somewhere, sometime there exists for one’s musicality a “soulmate” encompasses not just those who fiddle with their instruments but everyone else who believes in angels, Muses, fairy dust, chance, and all other intangibles that keep us happy and inspired (as such, “musicality” is given a broader meaning), I am sharing this to you all.

The soulmate for my musicality I think I have found already—perhaps inaccurately, momentarily, and limitingly (and it’s one-way too!), but it’s OK. I hope you find yours soon.


For the Piano Player

September 28, 2010

Somewhere, in a different part of our time continuum, someone I know not is playing the piano. And I, who to her is someone she knows not, slowly falls for the misery of her melodies.