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Of Boracay and Bitterness

July 27, 2010

Boracay is an overrated place.

When people decide they’ve had enough of the city din, it’s always on top of their “sanctuaries-to-save-me-from-the-urban-carnage” list. Also, as I heard, it’s where the cool kids hang out during summer: they garb themselves in signature swimsuits and boardshorts, parade their carefully chiseled bodies soon to be adorned with henna ink in the sun, and talk about whatever craze there is to talk about while they wait for some celebrity they can snap a picture with, which, as if a ritual, will go straight to Facebook as their profile picture.

For a fact, I’m not someone who would outlandishly spend much—money, effort, pretense, what have you—to go to such congested paradise. Definitely not in it just for the trend. If I’d be trolling the white sands there, I’d be the silent one collecting pebbles in a bottle, from which I’d seek inspiration to write a poem. It’s a serene and boring picture envisioning myself doing that in such an “in” place, yes. And maybe, just maybe, this diminutive vignette wouldn’t do justice to the beach many refer to as pulling and pristine.

See, I haven’t been to Boracay. I just base my seemingly misrepresented assumptions on stories (and Facebook profile pictures). Who knows, maybe there IS something there—something for a free-spirited barkada worth trooping to.

I’d like to believe that still, despite the coño-ness of it all, this Philippine beauty would appeal even to those who aren’t fond of branded beachwear and six-pack abs. That it can transform someone’s perverted impression into a grand experience.

Recently, I’ve chanced upon this promo of the South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) wherein they’d choose eight bloggers to go to Boracay absolutely for free (right there, my friends, is a free-spirited barkada worth joining). The only thing to do is answer the inevitable question, “Why does SEAIR have to pick you?”

And so was the reason behind this musing.

Well, SEAIR, I’m returning the challenge to you. Can you turn me into a Boracay believer? Of course, that would only be possible after you send me there, right, and perhaps get some decent accommodation from Microtel? For the record, this isn’t blackmail; just a unique way of asking. He, he.

If I get lucky, then maybe this bleak perception would turn into a raving review: that the pebble-inspired poem could develop into a litany of admiration. It’s all about transformation. Which, in this case, may just be a plane ride away.

For now, let’s see if this flies. I’m actually favoring Boracay right now over my supposed bitterness for the place.

No, that’s not in Boracay. But I’d be flippin’ happy to do the same stunt—and document it—when I land there.


Seeking Solitude

July 24, 2010

To sit atop a peak, with the wind caressing your cheeks, whispering things you want to hear as the light pays its last homage to the day and the waves die down with the feelings you try to drown. This sunset, this sadness.


July 23, 2010

And this song a door I open then welcome the lyrics the way I would the light that greets me when I step out of your room.

The Incredibly Wonderful Girl

July 21, 2010

And he said to the incredibly wonderful girl: “Y’know what, whenever I hear your voice, I wanna collect the vibrations it makes, magically mold them into a solid ball larger than your head, then shove it in your mouth.”

P.S. To another girl, I say: “Your insolence astounds me. Makes me think that the word ‘user’ doesn’t just fortuitously rhyme with ‘loser’ but also is essentially synonymous to it.”

Your insolence astounds me. Makes me think that the word “user” doesn’t just fortuitously rhyme with “loser” but also is essentially synonymous to it.