Hold Your Own

June 29, 2010

Amid a silent ruckus about mistakenly defining character, I realize that no matter how valiant your effort to escape the box people have put you in, they would always find a way to get you back there. These people have their own way with falsehood and perversion—them typecasting you is proof already of such assumption. You to them can be summed in numbers or be the antagonist in their twisted stories, even be the subject of smileys keyed in in disgust and discredit. And they fail to recognize this because their sight is so short they can’t even see their own shit. The trick here is to live life as if it were your own, which should actually be the case in the first place. No need to break free. After all, only you can tell if that box ever existed or not. And you don’t need to prove anything since not doing so will prove something more valuable than your attempt to prove.


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