Looks Good, Says Something

June 26, 2010

Camz and I recently bought rice necklaces. Mine has a red-tinted teardrop for a pendant. It bears a grain with my second name, Jose, written on it.

I actually hated that name when I was a kid since it rings of outdatedness. It’s as if that moniker should have been forever placed in the attic of names with the rest of its peers: Maria, Juan, Teodora, Pablo, Quirino, and so on. It’s just when I matured that I came to realize how interesting it is (the same way Joey‘s first name, which is Dalisay, is): that it is very Filipino and stands out among foreign-sounding names: Jason, Paul, Mary, Sam, Richard, and so on.

Taken as a whole, this necklace of mine quietly yet passionately burns as a metaphor of identity—a radiant droplet of blood with my name submerged in it.


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