John and Yoko In Another Time

February 23, 2010

We found ourselves standing in front of the shelf, with smiles smeared on our faces as we read through the words they wrote. Amazing how two people fell in love with themselves the way they did with the world, the way they did with each other. How selfish, how uniting. Very much like us. And it was not long when she blurted, “He’s such a genius.” And it made me think of her realigning her thoughts for the first time to those of mine. Silently, I answered, “Someday I want to be like him. Perhaps not for the world, but for you.” She took out a pen and wrote the lines he once wrote. It was like seeing a miracle. A real miracle. Right there, the most obstinate girl I have known was mooning over the very same words I wished I could have written. “He’s such a genius,” I whispered. She continued writing. After she finished taking down the words, I asked her to go. It was already getting late. (I love her so much that I cannot afford her to miss the train.) We held hands and separately wished—in silence, in secret—to be the happy balloons he wrote about. “He’s such a genius, and we’ll soon be flying, love.”

(Entry originally written December 9, 2006)


One Response to “John and Yoko In Another Time”

  1. camz Says:

    I remember this–Wonsapanatime. :3

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