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On Sarah Gaugler

November 3, 2009

When this writer-poet asked what I thought of her, which happened to be his subject for his next article, I said…

For someone to come up with the idea of transforming a poorly inked tattoo with an ex-lover’s name marring it even more into a design perhaps common yet chic as a butterfly, is a laudable feat, not just because it’s a cool thing to do but because such decisiveness borders on sensible connection: that, despite the pull of a more convenient cover-up job, an apt representation for the act itself (metamorphosing a tattoo) still surfaced. Perhaps the deal isn’t really in the butterfly but in her other tattoo: a heart on her right arm. Did she too mean to transcend the ordinary emblem, and use it to proclaim that she wears her heart on her sleeves?



Within, Without Memories

November 1, 2009

It saddens me, sweetly, when I remember things, those with the weight of passing, which interestingly become apparent only after years have passed. Such are memories, more importantly, the feelings incorporated in them.

The first time I heard “Sunshower” was while watching a certain episode of this TV drama meant for teens. And I remember how sad the characters were during the time the song played in the background. Up to now, when I look back, I still feel what I felt then. Then, I relate to this feeling, the song, the scenario, even if I’m neither in the same moment nor am I inundated with the same emotion.

These abrupt recollections, they happen. And it’s always helpful to have a silent room to accommodate them.